We provide research support to put your research work on the fast-track and increase the impact of your research.  Our seasoned researchers provide helpful tips and also help on topic selection, research question and objective, literature mapping and review, theoretical framework and methodology, data collection, fieldwork, questionnaire design, data analysis, results interpretation and discussion and recommendations. This service covers research proposal, seminar paper, manuscript, thesis, report and so on.

Data Analysis & Visualisation

Do you need guidance on web and data analytics? If yes, you need our services. Let’s handle your data collection and statistical analysis. We do time series, cross-sectional, and panel data analysis. We can also help you deal with your results interpretation, discussion, and policy implications challenges. Our Data Analysts are also exceptionally skilled with web analytics and data visualisation. You can consult us if you have any web traffic issues. We’ll analyse your website behaviour and identify the problems with your website or blog.

Proofreading & Editing 

We offer book, paper, thesis, dissertation, and seminar paper proofreading, editing, and rewriting services. Our editors are English native speakers with a proven record of providing quality manuscripts and book preparation services to researchers, students, and writers globally. We provide holistic in-text feedback, correct spelling errors, and improve your grammar, punctuation, and phrases without losing your manuscript’s meaning, structure and logic. We will format your document and improve your writing style.

Plagiarism Check 

We use the best and most acceptable tool (Turnitin) to conduct a deep scan and check the originality of papers, reports, proposals, projects, theses, and other written materials. Our plagiarism checker enables us to check your manuscript or assignment across billions of databases and web pages with 100% accuracy at a very cheap rate. With our service, you will have peace of mind when submitting your paper for publication or grading. Our team can also help you to amend the plagiarised content and increase the originality of your paper.

Publication Support

We offer paper publication services. The next stage after writing a paper is publication in a standard journal. This stage is crucial because the quality of the journal where your paper is published will determine the impact of your paper. Thousands of quality papers are published in predatory journals, which negatively impacts their citations. Paper publication is more than submitting and revising a paper. If you work with us, our competent researchers will find the best journal for your paper, submit, track, share, and promote your paper to increase the citation.

eBook Publication Support

You can monitise your eBooks and make a fortune from them. There is enough evidence that eBook publishing is making people billionaires. At LRTC, we provide eBook publication services, including eBook formatting, cover design, publication and distribution. We get International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for authors and publish their books on different platforms – Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Google Play, Smashwords and others to increase their earnings.

Business & Content Writing

As a business owner, you need a professional and business-oriented piece of writing that conveys your services and other vital information to your audience clearly and concisely. Our experienced writers have a proven track record of writing original business content. This includes business plans and proposals, reports, marketing plans, feasibility studies, emails, memos, etc. Hand over your business and content writing job to us. We’ll do an excellent job for you.

Web Design & Development

Every business owner needs a high-performing and user-friendly website to make a killer first impression online and maximize revenue. If you are a business owner, you need to team up with our experts to turn your website into a revenue gateway. At LRTC, we offer our clients globally high-quality and 100% responsive WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Wix website development services. We utilize our expertise and in-depth knowledge of SEO techniques, design and website functionality to grow small and medium businesses online. We design e-commerce, church, hotel, blog, school, hospital, business consulting, digital agency, real estate website, etc.

Digital Marketing & Ads 

We offer comprehensive digital marketing services – from scratch to professional. Let’s own all your data while you own the business. Our data-driven marketers develop and execute top-notch digital marketing strategies to solve your data-related business challenges, boost your brand’s visibility, grow your social media followers and traffic, enhance your audience engagement, and increase your sales and revenue. We also create engaging, eye-catching videos for your advert, YouTube and social media campaigns. Our digital marketing services include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, video marketing, and social media optimization (SMO).

Project Support

Executing a project could be difficult if you don’t have experienced professionals. LRTC offers health, social, and economic research support to civil society organisations (CSOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Our experts will conduct desk research, draft the methodology, interview interest groups, collect data and design an effective survey/questionnaire to address your research concerns. Our experts will analyse data, generate insight from data and develop data-driven and actionable reports. Some of our survey and analytical tools are Kobo-ODK, Google Form, MWater, Eviews, SPSS, Stata, PowerBi, Excel, and others.

All-in-1 Hall Rental

Are you looking for an affordable hall for workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings, recruitment exercises, training, virtual events, and other relevant programmes? Then, you have come to the right place. Yes, our minimalist hall is what you need. At LRTC, we allow the public to use our building for the abovementioned programmes. Our hall is well-equipped with the necessary equipment and tools that meet your needs. Also, our environment is secure and appropriate for all the events mentioned above. Please book an appointment with us and take advantage of brand awareness and visibility.

Training/Capacity Building 

Many people live below the poverty threshold because they lack the information and skills to transform their lives. Your certificate alone cannot make you rich. You must acquire the right skills and gather information that can be sold globally. At LRTC, we learn, relearn and unlearn. Our experts will equip you with high-paying skills and provide information you can sell remotely and increase your income and wealth. We do online and offline – in-house and on-site training. The scope of our training includes research, data analysis and visualization, website development, digital marketing, eBook publishing, etc. Our experts will also teach you how and where to transform your knowledge into a money-printing machine. Register with us now!

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